CISO Executive Coaching

The first time I was a CISO, the CIO kept regular meetings with me and opened doors to connect with his peers and the executives. Everyone knew a good start was going to be important as a first-time executive. They made time for me, asked questions, and offered perspectives on how they saw my role. But no one told me what to do. I didn't know it at the time, but they coached. And it was powerful.

Many CISOs are not this fortunate — whether the first time or seasoned — and so I started New Cyber Executive and became a CISO executive coach. I’ve seen the difference that exploration and support can make. Executive coaching can tackle a variety of goals, and CISO coaching helps you unlock untapped creativity, leadership, and productivity.

A game board as a metaphor for CISO executive coaching
Stairs leading up to a modern office representing a new job and climbing though CISO executive coaching

New Role? New Goals?

Starting with identifying goals (and potential challenges) we bring clarity to the outcomes you seek from coaching. If you are starting a new role we use the Executive Transition Blueprint as the backbone for the coaching engagement. If you are looking to level up in a role you've held for while, we build around your goals, using executive coaching approaches and tools that have been used successfully by executive coaches for decades, bringing in Executive Transition Blueprint elements that are designed exclusively around cyber executives.

The Blueprint itself was sparked from decades as a CISO and cyber executive and working with Fortune 500 CISOs, along with in-depth research interviews with CISOs and CIOs, and key stakeholders and supporters — finance, internal audit, human resources, recruiters and placement specialists, and others.