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The first time I was a CISO, I had regular and open access my CIO and his direct reports, who were my peers but more senior. Everyone knew a good start and coaching was going to be critically important for my success as a first time executive and for the success of the information security program. Everyone made the time for me and offered guidance and direction on my new role.

Many CISOs are not this fortunate — and I built the Dynamic Success Blueprint because I’ve seen the difference that extra guidance can make. Whether it is an accountability partner, a sounding board, or advice from a CISO and executive who has helped CISOs be successful for the last 15 years.

NewCyberExecutive - Helping Cyber Executives
NewCyberExecutive - Helping Cyber Executives

Are You A New Cyber Executive?

The DSP is the starting place to identify challenges and goals, and to build a plan. We use coaching sessions tailor the plan, with the goal of accelerating performance to a level in six months which typically takes years. Coaching sessions are scheduled to fit your needs, and use exclusive cyber executive specific content (and homework) to maintain progress between coaching sessions.

The blueprint is based on two decades of experience as a CISO and cyber executive roles, along with in-depth design interviews with working CISOs and CIOs, and key stakeholders and supporters — finance, internal audit, human resources, recruiters and placement specialists, and others.

Let’s Build Something Great Together.

NewCyberExecutive - Helping Cyber Executives

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