NCE Leadership Study Sign-up

Open to CISOs and corporate cybersecurity leaders

For H1 2023, we are focusing on women executive leaders in cyber, to uncover what's helped them be successful. The results are anticipated in the July 2023 timeframe, and will be shared with participants, executives coaches focusing on cyber and adjacent areas, and the general public though various channels including media. If you are a woman executive in cyber leadership, please connect with me on LinkedIn, and express interest in participating.

That said, the research into cyber executive differentiators and success factors is ongoing. The study is conducted by phone/zoom, and can be completed in 25 minutes. Your answers and participation are confidential. Results will only be shared in aggregate. Participants get non-public findings at the conclusion of the study period, which is likely to extend Q4 2023 to focus on women executives in cyber leadership study.

If you participated in an prior annual study and would like your briefing call, please contact me here