You're already a successful leader

Your Experience (you have 5 or more)

You're already a leader in the field, or you're on your way.

You've built successful programs. You've built great teams.

You've chosen organizations with missions you support.

You've made a meaningful difference at those organizations.

You know how to do your job. You don't need anyone telling you.

You see the value of diversity in cyber leadership.

You've guided and supported others.

Your Goals

You want to stretch yourself beyond your current successes.

You know past experience gets you only part way to your next goal.

You sense there's more and want go after it -

you want to better tap into what you already have.

(Training has its place - but this is not what you seek.)

You want to find your untapped creativity, leadership, and productivity.

You want to operate in ever more impactful ways.