Executive Events and Workshops

New Cyber Executive puts on semi-regular events on topics specifically for CISOs and cybersecurity executives. Topics include becoming more effective through building and enhancing relationships, tapping into personal and professional creativity, finding your leadership style and voice, trust and authenticity, common professional challenges for business-facing cyber leaders, NCE research findings, the CISO and the Board, identifying and avoiding common cybersecurity executive specific traps, among other topics of particular relevance to leaders in cybersecurity.

Outside Events, Workshops, and Q&A Sessions

Speaking engagements hosted by partners.

Women in Cyber and Tech

For Women CISOs and Tech Leaders (Australia focused)

Capitalizing on the Job Market

For CISO job changers in the current, dynamic job market.

CISOs and Boards

For CISOs doing board development or joining outside boards.

CISO Moves - Looking for the Next Role

What areas of clarity best serve you in you situation? What are the paths and unforeseen options you can consider? What thinking or assumptions might be holding you back from your best actions?

Live Q&A: CISO risks

Personal liability, getting fired, and criminal prosecution. What are these a symptom of? How can CISOs address these issues (and stress and related burnout) before these issues even start?

Past New Cyber Executive Workshops

What's Your Leadership Model?

There's a plethora of books out there that give you a leadership model. Experience shows us that each person borrows from models to create their own - on the fly. What can this look like if done intentionally?

Career Success for CISOs - 3 Stages

Connect, orient, align, and build relationships from the start. Take pivotal actions at the mid-point of your tenure. Position yourself for success by rethinking your current role before your next career move.

CISO Listening Tour

Often underused by CISOs, a listening tour can show a path to addressing common CISO challenges such as business engagement, executive support, and cross-organizational understanding of the role of the CISO.

Priming Formal Decisions

How do you influence closed-door or closed-process decisions? In this workshop we explore several ways to make those decisions more accessible to you, and how to influence the decisions without being at the table.

Borrowing Credibility

Get more enthusiastic support and faster decisions in support of your ideas and proposals. Make it easier for your key decision makers and stakeholders to move from maybe to yes.

The Rules are Being Written

Some professions have existed for millennia: engineer, lawyer, teacher, banker, soldier, artisan. The CISO role has existed for a blink of an eye - so how do we leverage that to shape our current and future roles?

You and Your CISO

For CEOs, CFOs and CxOs who manage a CISO, and for members of boards seeking to engage with their organization's CISO. Special event hosted by private sector sponsor for SAS/Tech industry.

CISO Habits

Habits that led to success in the past may be now getting in the way and holding you back from being seen as a business executive. What habits affect the transition to CISO?

The Three Groups

Who are the three groups that make or break your success as a CISO? We'll talk about these three groups, what their interests are, and how to engage.