New Cyber Executive

You are the Hero

You're the hero of your story.

But even the greatest heroes have guides.

The hero sets the direction and takes the action.

The guide helps the hero tap into their best self.

At a Time of Change

Even for a seasoned cybersecurity leader -

a transition, or self-created pivot, offers unique opportunities -

with challenges big and 'small.'

The guide helps the hero find their own best path.

Chris Brown

Experience, Not Lectures

No teaching. No instruction. No lessons.

No supposed solutions or presumed answers.

You're the expert of your situation.

You're the expert on how you want to be.

You know the work that needs to be done.

CISO training? No, an experienced guide.

Connection to Coaching

I started New Cyber Executive to offer coaching -

space for clients to reflect, reframe, and develop ideas.

I built the Transition Blueprint to cover the bases -

and Open Pathways to level up in-place -

practicalities, options, timely nudges.

My offer is to see yourself in new ways -

to meet challenges, and to challenge yourself anew.

To have the most powerful insights of your career.

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