Open Pathways

Who It's For

Designed for the experienced cyber executive already well into a role but wanting to step it up a notch - or several notches. You have the job, you're doing well, but you want more.

How It Works

Open Pathways is a bespoke arrangement of executive coaching which draws upon successful approaches used by executive coaches. While drawing on tools and methods from the Center for Executive Coaching which have been developed by and for successful executive coaches for decades, Open Pathways also includes tools designed specifically for CISOs and cyber executives. We work on your goals, in a coaching space, and pull in tools when it makes sense.

What it is Not

Open Pathways is not about your cybersecurity strategy, program, or technology. It is not training. If that's what you're looking for, Training to Become a CISO in resources may be of interest.

What to Expect

Coaching is client-focused. You drive the goals and topics, and I create the space and provide questions and tools that are used by you to create the best possible solutions and approaches.

We will adhere to the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics.

How We'll Engage

  • A first call to discuss your circumstances and goals, and how executive coaching works to support goal attainment.

  • If we decide it's a fit, a call to explore aspirations, motivations and challenges, to bring clarity to goals and the work.

  • If we decided to continue, on-going sessions to set a path different than would-have-been default, tap into passions and purpose, work within your particular circumstances to move you towards reaching professional goals and outcomes.

  • If desired, assessments designed for executives and/or 360-degree verbal feedback.

  • Periodic re-examination of progress against goals, checking for changes in circumstances, and adjusting the coaching approach as needed.

  • As you achieve your goals, consideration of either game-planning self-directed next steps or goals for continued coaching. Conclusion or continuation of coaching.