What is New Cyber Executive?

Helping cyber executives be brilliant in their new roles.

Most hiring managers struggle with finding a technical cyber leader who can play the role of an executive.

It’s not because these hiring managers don’t know what they want, or that they don’t have good recruiters, or they can’t find “good people” in their ranks.

It’s just darn near impossible to find the combination of technical background and executive skills that the best cyber executives have. They are a rare breed and brutal to lure in a very tight job market.

Likewise, new Cyber Executives are often very good on the technical side, but the business leader facing experiences in prior roles are often limited, and it’s a mind-set shift to understand the value and purpose of solid executive engagement.

The proof of this?

More and more companies are deciding to go with a hire that is either technically focused or business-facing.

(If you’ve recently been through a search for a CISO, you have felt the pain.)

But that misses the value of a CISO because it still leaves a vast chasm between cybersecurity and the business.

That’s a recipe for a future breach, or a whole lot of friction, or both.

What if you could show a technical person how to build a bridge across the chasm and be an executive with the tools and perspective that enable their continued growth?

That’s what New Cyber Executive does.

I tailored our Hundred Day Blueprint to address the challenges faced by those new to the CISO and cyber executive roles.

I wanted to build a company that helps organizations protect themselves from current and future cybersecurity adversaries…

… by showing their technical cyber people how to avoid the curse of the expert, and excel.

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